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Legal Research

Legal Research

Pardon Canada has Research Service staff that have access to diverse information resources regarding Ontario, Canadian and international law. Pardon Canada provides various services related to research assistance.

Help Researching a Legal Issue or Question of Law

Pardon Canada works with you to access the legal information required for your pardon, TRP, or U.S. Entry Waiver. We can work with you to create research strategies, and help you choose the right sources and tools for your specific needs. Pardon Canada can aid in referencing print and digital sources, as well as databases in order to acquire the necessary information needed for your record suspension or waiver. We will explore legislation, caselaw and secondary sources to find the key to helping you move on with your life.

Legislative Research

PC will aid in searching a recent or past statute, date of coming into force, proclamation or order in Council, a regulation, and cited legislation. Pardon Canada will also assist in updating a statue and searching in parliamentary debates. This research can result in providing more leverage for your pardon or waiver application.

Case Law Research

Pardon Canada will research case laws that relate to your pardon or waiver application, including a recent or older decision, and cited case laws. In addition, we can verify citations to amplify the weight of your application.

Secondary Source Research

In addition to case law and legislative research, Pardon will find journal articles, reports, etc. that can be used as leverage on your application. Identifying these types of sources on specific topics or fields can only benefit your application and improve the chances of your pardon or waiver application being approved.

Support Research

Alongside supporting your use of databases, Pardon Canada’s research support is available to help you find information needed for your pardon and waiver application. We will direct you to the right documentary resources and align your research with your purpose.

For more information on legal research related to your Canadian pardon application, TRP, or U.S. Entry Waiver application, contact Pardon Canada today! You can speak with a local Pardon Case administration provider directly by filling out our simple form above, or call Pardon Links-Info at Toll-free call 1-866-922-8159

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